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Your Fitness Journey.

Just like we live our individual lives as we please, our fitness journey should also be the same. Not letting outside source completely dictate where you should be in your own journey, however, this isn’t to say we shouldn’t seek out for inspiration from others. I think it’s great to seek out for inspiration from others but understanding that your fitness journey is yours and not to be overly influenced by the pressure of social media. Not everyone is going to have the “ideal” body. However, we can choose to be a better version of ourselves.

During the process of trying to be the better version of ourselves, we shouldn’t fall into the trap of being “1% better every day”, it’s unrealistic because most of us aren’t programmed that way. So many elements to work with and against daily such as sleep, current mental state, nutrient intake, hydration, energy output capacity and so on… some of these factors we are able to control better than others but the inevitable feeling of not being up to task is bound to arise and we should learn to accept that we may not always get that much better every day just as the saying of being “1% better every day” suggests.

However, using a tailored fitness program and regular review of the program can help to facilitate against those factors mentioned and give you a nice structure to be one step closer achieving your fitness goals.

Whatever goal you have for 2022 using a SMART goal can be very helpful, its great within your fitness goals or any other life goals you may have.

1. Specific: Stating exactly what you would like to accomplish

2. Measurable: How will you measure progress. Could be days, weeks, months, or a year?

3. Achievable: Make your goal reasonable. Is it in your power to accomplish it?

4. Realistic: Set a goal that is relevant to your life. Can you realistically achieve it?

5. Time: Give yourself enough time but set a deadline. When exactly do you want to accomplish the goal?

Have a smashing 2022!

Live Bright.

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